Where does this go?

Recently a few of us colleagues decided to watch a football (american football) game in one of the most advanced and expensive stadiums ever built (The new Dallas Cowboys Stadium). We had watched a couple of games on TV since the start of the season but didn't quite understand what was happening. All we could see was a team which at one instant would be pushing, pulling, pouncing and pounding the other team would land up in a dog pile over the guy who had the ball in the very next instant and keep doing the same thing repeatedly for about three hours. But thanks to the internet, we got to know the rules that put method in that chaos. With that covered, we bought tickets for the next game to be played in that stadium and were looking forward to witness what made the game and the stadium so special.
The stadium was about thirty miles away from where we lived and in territories we had never ventured in before so one of us took directions and the rest made copies of the same and hit the road. After going some distance we realized that the directions we got along were taking us more into residential localities than major expressways. Something was wrong. The destination was the same but the route was way too complicated. But since we didn't have much of a choice we went along with it. To add to the complications of the route, we were getting misguided by road names that had north or south tagged to them. At one point we realized that we went about five miles in the wrong direction and had to do ten miles in the opposite direction. But then, amidst all this confusion, we came across this road which had a really startling name. On reading it the first time all of us were like "What the hell!!!". The guy who was driving started cursing the road naming convention big time but at the same time was thankful that we didn't have such roads on our route :). You must be wondering how bad could the name be. Well, i'll give it to you, but you will have to leave a comment with the first thing that crosses your mind after reading it. Ready?. The road was named "North Great South West Parkway". Yup, the only direction missing there was East :P. How i wish there was something to do with east in that name :P. Now don't act too smart and try to explain what that name means. I figured that out already :) But just for kicks, do let me know the first thing that crossed your mind :). I was truly concerned about the plight of people with poor direction sense making their way though a town filled with such roads. Would they be able to make it to their destination without correcting their route? I can only imagine.
Oh, by the way, the game was good fun even though we got seats on the top most row from where the players and cheerleaders looked like tiny lego blocks moving around :). We were more than content watching a screen 180 ft wide by 72 ft tall suspended directly above the field with HD quality picture showing us every detail of the game. Just being part of such an electric atmosphere with about 95000 people and witnessing a screen that big, made the whole experience worthwhile. And of course, I don't think i will ever forget North Grand South West Parkway ;)


Pitila Aka Sandy Boi said...

I would have been lost for sure, and that I am sure would have been more FUN!

Rize said...

its pretty easy to understand why they named the road that way. I am actually amazed you were in awe of that name!! :P :P

Avishek said...

Hmm.. all this for not using the road!! Just wondering what would you have done if you actually had travelled on the "North Great South West Parkway"??

Sketcher said...

@Sandy Boi: I guess it would! :)

@Rize: Coming to think of it, if you actually drove North on a road which was laid out in a South West direction, then you would be off-roading in no time. And that would have been interesting :) So in effect, the road should have been named North East Grand South West Parkway. Wohooo! :D

@Avishek: Based on the above explanation, I seriously wonder if I would be able/available to narrate what I would have done!

Me&TheUniverse said...

:S .. Thank god i'm back on the outer ring road ..