Take it... And go!

Recently on my trip to Mangalore I got acquainted with a rather unusual diet that my cousin had adopted. Unusual because I had never heard of it before, not that I follow the latest in diets and such, and also because this one was totally opposite to my limited understanding of diets for weight loss!
Actually I had to work my way through the list of stuff my cousin couldn't eat to figure out what his diet was. This is how the deduction went...
So, weight loss diet eh! What have you been restricted from?
And there the list began.
No rice and anything related to it. No crispy dosa, no soft idly, etc.
Fair enough I thought.
No wheat, its cousins and anything related to them!
Hun! Strange! But anyway, OK.
No sweets.
Yup! No one suggests sweets on a weight loss diet.
No milk in any form.
Slowly his list was getting bigger and my mind was running wild trying to figure out what was left. For a minute I thought that it would have been easier if he had just told us what he could eat, but then this way was more interesting as kept the suspense alive :)
No sugar in any form.
You already mentioned that right...
He smiled and said... No fruits because it is a source of sugar, no carrots, no beetroot for the same reason.
What! You are kidding me right!
Now I got really impatient. What the hell is left dude! You just threw the entire fiber family out of the window!
With a grin on his face he said “Meat, fish, eggs, pulses and greens.”
It was only then I realized that I had never considered meat all this while. May be because I took it for granted that meat is always the very first thing a dietician would ask you to stay away from while on weight loss.
It took me a while to realize what he said and actually make sense of it.
So let me get this straight. You ate meat all your life and became what you are today, and now the dietician is making you eat the same thing. A complete protein diet! Strange, very strange! It's like the doc punished you for eating meat all these years.
Just imagine the doc looking at him with eyes of fury, rage in his voice, biting his teeth and screaming out "You like meat eh! And don’t like eating anything else! Want to become a pig? Here, now you eat only meat. I'll whack you if you touch anything else!" “This is your diet from now on. Take it... and go!"
I bet my cousin would have been guessing if the dietician was serious or plain sarcastic :) but then it turned out that he was actually putting him on a high protein diet.
My cousin found it weird in the beginning but then has actually followed it religiously for about three months now. Knowing this, my next obvious question was, “How much did you loose?”
About nineteen kilos he said.
Woooah! This time I was caught staring at him, trying to see what a person who has just lost nineteen kilos in three months looks like :) And here am I, trying to burn it out in the gym with almost no reduction in flab content :(
It took a while for me to understand how this whole thing works and sure enough, a high protein diet proves to be a quick weight loss one.
Coming to think of it, following this diet may make you get so fed up of having only meat for such a long time that you will eventually have lesser of it once you are off the diet :P
So now that you too have learnt a new way to reduce weight, I ask this question to all meat lovers reading this post. "Are you game to follow such a diet if you had to?"