I'm a born _______ !

You must have heard this phrase ...
"He/she is a born ______"
(Fill in the blanks with the correct answer. Any answer, however correct (eg. artist, singer, cricketer, yada yada yada (this one borrowed from stargazer), other than the one written in the VTU answer template will not be given any marks, unless of course you are in the grace marks region)
and must have also used it in the many days that you have lived just to read this post.
Well, it just dawned upon me (at 1:03 AM on the rainy night of the 8th of October 2008, when my super dirty car is getting a natural wash) as to what needs to go in that blank for me.
Yes, in the middle of all this gloominess I have found the answer to my blank... and since I have done so, I would like to share it with you.
I, sketcher, am a born LAZZZZZZZZZZZZZY GUY !!
Hun, what was that... I know you all agree with me. I know!!
The funda of me the anda(in shape) is simple... (beware, killer logic on its way!)
Musicians are born singers when they start singing at a very young age, no training no whatever else it requires, nothing. They just learn to be good singers.
Likewise, I started doing two things, eat and sleep, right from birth. And now, without any practice or effort, I do just that day in and day out. Eat... sleep, eat... sleep. When someone asks me how did my weekend go... I have one standard answer, ate... slept! Now aren't these the traits of a born lazy guy??

To all those who find some kind of kinship with this post... Welcome to the slouch club.

What a let down...

For a looong long time I tried to get back to doing stuff, stuff that I always wanted to do but never found the time, or let me say, laziness never let time come into my hands. Then finally, after one hell of a battle with laziness, I managed to sit up and get back to doing things. One of which was being regular on this blog. And the other was to back to sketching.
With a very nervous hand and an even nervous mind I picked up my pencil, flipped through pages of half attempts made earlier (quite demoralizing on it's own) and made it to a new page in my sketch book. Now that I had everything set up I decided to start from the basics as I was coming back to my long forgotten art of sketching :P. After a few strokes of practice I decided to sketch something good, something that would make me want to sketch again. I looked around for something simple yet interesting, and to my luck, I found exactly what I needed. Stroke by stroke I kept building the sketch, and every few minutes just stopped and stared at what I was doing. I almost stopped in the middle loosing hope of doing justice to the sketch, but something kept pushing me to finish it. When it was done I was actually surprised to see what I had sketched. I had a smile on my face, a smile of satisfaction. It was quite a relief to know that I still hadn't lost touch. I immediately took a snap of it, and sent it across to everyone I know just to show off :D. The most common question I got in response was "Who is this? Is this your girlfriend?" Well.. what can I say, If this were my girlfriend, then why would I share a sketch of her with you guys!! I think I would keep it between just the two of us!
So, just for kicks (or AGT as some of us would say) here's what I sketched.

click on the image to see a better sized one

So now, what was the let down...
Since I was all happy that I could still sketch after such a long break, I took up another assignment. This one more difficult, simply because I wanted to match the sketch with the actual image. This time of course, the nervousness was outside the window. So then, I sat with my pencils and sketching pad, again, stroke by stroke put detail into the sketch. Well, first of all... the sketch was not all that similar to the actual image, but most importantly... the sketch did not even look like a normal human :( It looked deformed. Disturbing... really. So now, again... the nervousness that was outside the window has found it way back to the doorstep. And the sketch... well I think I better put that outside the window :(

(For obvious reasons the second sketch is not available for you to see)