Total chaos!!

Clock work!!
A simple Sunday morning, everything going on like clockwork... the snoozing of the alarm every fourth minute for an hour and more, the reluctant lazy stretch to wake up, the dive back in bed for the last two minutes of sleep (the most needed 2 minutes of sleep), the hurried realization of being somewhere within the next half hour... all of it, even though chaotic, is still part of the every Sunday routine... so "clockwork" :) Almost every week that I have been here, intentions of doing something different over a weekend just seem to remain an intention. Nothing really happens as planned! Oh wait!! did I ever plan something in the first place! :P

Nothing much!! just chilling!! - on what? an ice pack?

A game where the striker runs to the next base knowing very well that he will be out before getting there! Why did he run in such a situation in the first place... who the hell knows... "Hit and Run"!! Moral of the story... If you want to run and be safe... hit hard enough! Now what do you do the next time you are on the road and you bump into a stationary vehicle?

My side of the fence!!
Inside or outside? looks like i have a fence on only one side... I tried to find the other end of the fence but had to leave hope! It took me five months to get back to see my side of the fence! phew!! so... am i on the inside or outside? please help!!

Microsoft word!!
The single software responsible to screw up the capability of a person to spell words correctly. One living example who has been affected by this deadly virus is right now putting in xtra effort to get his spellings wright. (Hope they are all correct! :P )

Why this post??
Zimbly gumbly!! ;)