A tube addict

So here I am, in a new place, a few known faces and a new beginning of what I think could be size changing for me :) But as things are going two weeks from when I set foot here, I have done nothing but being a tube addict. What began as a 'I don't know anyone around so lets just kill time watching something' has actually taken the better of me and believe it or not, I know just as many people as I knew when I reached here, not one more; I have kind of started to feel disgusted of sitting around and watching episodes or movies without any definite reason and I think i am killing the whole plan of the size changing experience.
If you ever move into a new environment with new people and nothing to do, do anything else but sitting in one place and watching the tube. IT IS NOT HEALTHY!


Rize said...

i hope atleast u dont end up having time to go to the kitchen to scavenge for food..atleast it will help u slim down :P
anyways, not sure how many 'new' people you could socialize and become close buddies here, but there are places you can go with ur camera and music and just relax...company or no company, does nto matter..
it works for me well though!! oh btw tube meaning TV? i dont have TV and you tube, i am just bored of it!

Sketcher said...

There is one little problem with that my friend. No vehicle :(

Pitila Aka Sandy Boi said...

U Lazy A$$