Why don't they let the dead rest in peace?

She was so beautiful, she was so smart,
She was known as one who beat in every heart.
She had no ties with the bad and evil,
She had a record as clean as white.
But why didn't they let her rest in peace?

She had a drink, she kissed this man,
There was nothing to be said but people drew a connecting line.
The speed was high, the driver all drunk,
He lost the wheel for a second, and they all ended in rubble.
She was no more, so were the others,
But why didn't they let them rest in peace?

The line got bolder, the rumors still deeper,
All because the guy she kissed died along with her.

They gathered in many to pay respect,
They gathered in many to lay their wreath,
And within a few days new rumors began to creep.
But still they didn't let her rest in peace!

Once know for a person with an oh so loving heart,
Was now known as a person with a black mark.
The media made their money; the cops began their quest,
All to find out till where the line could be drawn.

Some said she was engaged, some said she was not,
Others said she was carrying,
But why didn't anyone say "Leave it alone, let her rest in peace?"

Lots of money spent, lots of time ticked by,
And finally they pronounced that she was clean all the while.
But again, why couldn't they let her rest in peace all this while?

What was the need to carry on this quest?
Who would it benefit?
For the one accused has turned to dust with the rest!

After all this, a question arose within me,
Why do people always make use when the person who is dead is the one accused?


He drove his car on that day; He was enjoying his drive,
He then felt his body sweat,
He knew well that he was on the verge of a stroke.

He stalled his car at the nearest hospital,
He was quick to call his doctor friend.
He consulted his friend and was content that he had done his part well.

This hospital was not well equipped, the staff not at their best,
There was some commotion while this man was going through his stroke.
They laid him in an ambulance, and off went the siren,
They decided to take him to the hospital where his doc friend was setting the table.
Things had to go wrong; the vehicle got a flat,
And as time passed by, even his pulse was going flat.

The replacement came in a while; a sigh of relief filled their eyes,
But it wasn't long before this one ran out of fuel.
They made a call, another ambulance set off,
And this man was now moving into a coma without a clue.

The doc finally got to see his dear friend,
But in a state where he could do nothing but pray that he could cheat his end.
The prayers did work but not for long,
This man did not last to see the new morn.

His family wept and so did the others,
And many couldn't believe this dramatic an end to occur.
A while passed by, the hurt was healing,
When people came by to say "Sue those criminals! This man did not deserve to die."

His time was over; he was destined to die,
For he could not cheat death even though he knew that what he had done was right.
But people never understand such things, they always want revenge,
Why can't they just let such people rest in peace at their end?

If filing suits could bring the dead back,
Then our judicial system would have such cases piled by the lakh.
But people can never change, they will never let the dead rest in peace!