I'm still around

We date back to when you were a little kid
With an innocent smile under which that devil hid.
We looked out for each other and kept ourselves busy
And had an incredible time doing things real silly.

A jump in the puddle or a brawl on the field
We were best buddies and always up to speed.
We had our share of contests too
But back then, I was just as big as you.

As time went by you became a young individual
One with big aspirations and dreams more factual.
But I couldn't grow along, it was not meant to be
For I am those little things in life that made you glee.

Just take a moment out of this overwhelming craze
And look around with your innocent gaze.
I'm still around and just the same
With tiny little laughs for you to claim.

I'm not some material that you can acquire
Nor some emotion you can conquer.
I'm just that simple happy moment in your busy day;
I'm still around, in every little way.


Pitila Aka Sandy Boi said...

That is really really Sweet

Avinash said...

gr8 composition man...never thought that you could by this poetic!! :)-

'Smee! said...

Who are you and what have you done with Johnna? Never mind, just keep him, cos you're doing a great job on his blog!

Anonymous said...

Ya, what did u do with johny? Anyways that does not matter :-P
btw It's vey nice :-)
ps: was lazy to entire Id and pwd to log in!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff man...

Supriya said...

I have a favorite Paragraph:)...i am sure this post will attract a lot of restless minds like mine...comments speak for themselves..:)...keep blogging

ashwini said...


Me&TheUniverse said...

I seriously seriously did not know that you had this poet trapped in you. Very well written.