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Ah! So it had to be a snap from my Birthday!
After being tagged by Stargazer I had to spend a while trying to get to a snap I could write about. So after a lot of legal permutations and combinations, this is the sixth snap from the sixth folder :P

Well quite a few records broken on this day I must say. Let me just list out a couple of them.

I turned 25!

So now I could legally drive an SUV in the US, my long time craving :) But guess what! even though I crossed 25 and really wanted to get the feel of driving an SUV I didn’t even get close to sitting in one.

This was my first birthday outside home!

Yes! For 24 years my parents looked at me grow upwards, but this lateral growth was only for me to see. :)

The first time I blew candles for a lifetime!

Some ill effects of being a prankster of a group is that your birthday is when it all comes back to you! I was not allowed to touch any of the candles and I had to blow each one of them out completely. It would be simple but only if these freaking tiny little candles didn’t light up again with a spark! This snap was taken just then… the moment when the fun element of the candles igniting again was slowly dying out and becoming more of an annoyance :)

The first time I got a double doze of cake smearing and birthday bumps!

The cake smearing part was still OK… but the birthday bumps :’( Oh My God! You might have heard of obscenity censored, but this was a special censored version of ruthless hitting with what ever one could find… my butt was so soar at the end of it all that I felt, oh sorry, I didn’t feel a thing. Even if a truck came and rammed me on my backside, I wouldn’t know a thing.

My first birthday when I popped champagne!
For the few months that I had been among new faces in the US, I got to be known as a person who enjoyed his wine! So, surprise surprise… there came the bottle of champagne! I guess they got it to try and help reduce the pain I was going to endure later during the night :)

And as one last addition… The amazing cake!
I was kind of curious when my friend said that he had to think a lot as to what kind of cake he wanted to order for me and that he finally struck gold. So all evening was spent in walking around my house and trying to figure out what could be on the cake. I couldn't really figure out what it could be. Then at night the cake was revealed… and yes, I turned from an inquisitive 25 year old guy to a giggly 4 year old kid :) I had least expected to see what I saw. And what amazed me more was that it was actually done by hand and not mechanized. Well, I just couldn’t stop myself from posting this snap as well, so here you go…the top view of my cake, with one of my all time favorite characters in animation :)

I'm not sure if i have enough people to tag, but anyway, I now tag Anish, Supriya and Avishek.
And what exactly you need to be doing? Pick out the sixth photograph from the sixth photograph folder and write along!