The candle and the wind

A flame so calm, so steady, so bright,
That gives hope in the darkest of nights.
It has a special something to speak of its power,
Let's say, something as splendid as a meteor shower.

In winds it flutters and dims,
But still holds on to that faint little film.
Then when the wind stops blowing in fury,
The flame comes back with all its glory.

A small lesson is here for us to pick,
From this simple flame of a candle stick.
Hold on till your enemy is done pushing you down,
'Coz after that, it's only you people will renown.

It makes no sense to always be on the front,
And display how majestic is your confront.
Why opt for wars when problems need to be tackled?
when ahimsa can also break your opponents shackles.