Park 99 - Memories unfold!

Firstly, my apologies for keeping y’all waiting so long for this post.
Time, one of the things that cannot be controlled and we don’t get tired hoping it could be controlled. But even though time never slows or fastens its pace we still notice time to move slow or fast depending on the immediate environment. For example: I remember sitting in a class that took ages to get over even though it lasted for just as long as the others. I could listen to the lecture for about 10 minutes then sketch then sleep and then wake up and wonder what is happening for the last 10 minutes of class and then be in proper senses to answer questions like "John, were you sleeping because you are not well or you are not well because you were sleeping?". So, don’t you think it would be right to say that the pace of time ticking has a lot to do with the surroundings at that instant? Well I think it is right!
The herd chose hangouts which suited this phenomenon rather well, we knew what pace we want time to tick at and our hangouts gave us just that pace. Park 99 was one of my favorites, simply because time ticked at my pace, most of the time, except for times when I had to complete assignments for the next hour (park 99 always betrayed me on that :( ) But then, who cares!!! I used to have a great time sleeping on dried leaves fallen on the roof of the sump in the shade of the berry tree.
Park 99 is a place well equipped with an ultra large concrete trophy (a water tank) bundled with a pump house and the sump on which I always slept, a kid’s play area and lots of plants. These simple constructions provided for our adventure drives. Wondering how??? Hmmm… I think it is best to keep you wondering because I don’t want to reveal our little secrets to major fun!
The water tank was not just used for providing water to the houses in the layout but also worked as our “how scared of dogs are you?” meter. Wondering how again?? Well this time I’ll tell you! There was this maid who occasionally got a German Shepard for a stroll. Now among the herd are two chicken :) These guys are really scared of dogs. They were like Laurel and Hardy with exchanged heights… one was lean and short (Boranna) and the other (PapaBear – the name says it :) ) was stout and tall. So, coming back to the dog in the park… when these guys sensed the dog’s presence, they would run straight for the ladder of the water tank and climb it in a wink. I’d never seen anyone climb ladders that quick. Boranna was the quicker of the two and would settle for nothing lesser than 25 feet above ground, PapaBear on the other hand would give up at about 10-15 feet, something high enough to stay away from the dog. So did this explanation help? It better have!
I also remember spending quiet moments in the park… sleeping :) haha, not always though. There were times when I needed some time and a lot of quiet to sort out some things and park 99 helped me do just that. We friends spoke of all kinds of things from bikes to food, Loki’s attendance to Boranna’s weird interests, basically whiling out our time in perfect serenity. And what made things better was that no one other than us liked that park… so it was ours when ever we wanted to go there.
`The only problem with this place was that we couldn't go there when we were hungry! But not to complain... as the park would have been crowded otherwise. :)
Each of us friends may have different memories associated with this place, but for me it has a lot to do with helping me out with my decisions and of course the “how scared of dogs are you?” meter! :)

The CISA newsletter crew!


“Hey! Did she call my name out?”
“Yes Loki”
“Did she mark me present?”
“Not sure Loki, don’t think so”
“Ay what man!!!”

OK. Enough of all this; my butt is hurting now after sitting here for so long.
“Hey Du, what say?”
“What’s next?”
“Oh! Come let’s go.”
ACA – the only subject where we had to read one sentence which ran into about ten lines of small print in a big book and contained at least 15 technical words which were grouped together to make logical sense but practically impossible to remember.
“Husain, what say?”
“Hun, what?”
“ACA next, want to come”
“hmmmmm, OK”
“Aaay…… you want to go now eh?”
“But what will you do?”
“SL” (Stands for Silver Line)
“Ay, you want to go eat now? Anyway it is lunch break after this!”
“Let’s see”
“Ay, let’s attend no! I have less attendance I think.”
Loki’s doesn’t bunk to reach low attendance… he just forgets to answer, just the way he lost attendance in the previous period.
“We’ll take care of that Loki”
“Pack fast man!”

“Sir, we have to edit the next issue of the CISA newsletter. Can we leave now?”
Attendance settled. Loki happy, so are we. This was just one of the small benefits of being in the good books of teachers. CISA by the way was the most direct abbreviation (and very sidey too) for Computer and Information Science Association. The only association which was run by us group of friends and got no assistance from the others in our class simply because we were considered snobs and arrogant people!

“Hello, Hey Sid we are bunking, get the others along”
The same story said. The same result achieved.
So much for the Compsci people. Now to get the tronics guys.
“Hey Sunil, we are bunking, come let’s go.”
“Ay no da!”
“Why da?”
“Boring da!”
“Ay come da!”
“Ay no”
“Ay come da!”
“Ay no da”
“Ay come da!”
“Ay no”

“Ay come da!”
That was the trick. All you need to do is be persistent or in other words… you need to say “come” just once more than his limit to say “no”. :) Along with Sunil we also managed to pull the other folks from his class.
So now we are about 8 article readers (ignoring the fact that there are only about three articles that are to be proofed), 1 layout designer, 2 typists and the remaining 3 for moral support!
Say hi to the “Herd”
And now that the newsletter crew (the "herd" more importantly) is together, what do we decide to do??? Sit on our bikes and scoot off to one of our regular addas, which, by the way, are not too difficult to find. These are our favorites: Food joints (“Silver Line” coded SL, “Shanti Sagar” coded SS) or nature. (“The limestone quarry” coded, simply, Quarry, and “The municipality park near SS coded “Park 99”)
Now we didn’t get any bright idea to name that park “Park 99”… this is what you will find painted in big bold letters on the pump house which is inside the park.
Wondering what exactly we did in the park?? Wait for the next post!