The candle and the wind

A flame so calm, so steady, so bright,
That gives hope in the darkest of nights.
It has a special something to speak of its power,
Let's say, something as splendid as a meteor shower.

In winds it flutters and dims,
But still holds on to that faint little film.
Then when the wind stops blowing in fury,
The flame comes back with all its glory.

A small lesson is here for us to pick,
From this simple flame of a candle stick.
Hold on till your enemy is done pushing you down,
'Coz after that, it's only you people will renown.

It makes no sense to always be on the front,
And display how majestic is your confront.
Why opt for wars when problems need to be tackled?
when ahimsa can also break your opponents shackles.

The grass grows...

The old saying goes “The grass is always greener on the other side”. But why is it always that we are on the other side of the grass?
Sitting in a train on the way for a fun filled vacation after many weeks of hectic work can make your mind so empty, it feels like you just got it all sucked up and stored in a vacuum jar at home. And when the mind is all empty, they say the devil’s at work. Now, if my mind is empty… what the hell is the devil working on? Restructuring brain cells or something?
Anyway, the devil was working on something… I didn’t know what… but these are some of the thoughts that passed by mind during that lazy slouch.

I sat at the window, my head to the bars,
My mind all free from the corporate wars.
As the train whistled on, I saw the guard waving the green,
And thought, lucky guy, there is no frustration to be seen.

I stopped the waving, as I looked at those guys,
They were all relaxed and carrying a grand smile.
While staring at that bunch of guys in the bogie,
Lucky guys, I thought, they have all the money to live a life so care free.

We went past woods, we went past fields,
Then I saw a bunch of farmers dancing in the rain.
I saw them enjoy every drop that wet the earth,
And thought, when it rains, we consider the day is of no worth!

As we danced we saw the train go past,
And then saw these guys pull the window covers fast.
Our living depend on the rains and the earth,
While these guys can happily live through the worst drought.

Each time that I think my job is a pain,
I remember the many people I saw while in the train.
Then I imagine myself on the other side,
And see that the pain seems lesser on my side.

Pain is present in every phase of life and every job offering,
It is not a choice and will always bt there for the giving.
But to suffer in its existance or ignore it is what we get to decide,
And that’s what makes a person see the grass grow greener on his side.

Something's cooking!

So... long time no post... Sorry bout that... I was busy getting all excited about crossing the Indian borders for the first time.
Now that I have cooled down a little, the posts are back.

All these years I have been having all kinds of food, the spicy stuff, the bland stuff, the dry and the wet stuff, and also the yellow or green or white stuff and now that the reigns of the kitchen are in the hand of us bachelors... things have not changed much. We still have variety, we still have different tastes, but the colour... aah!!! We hardly care.
For the two days that I managed to be of some help in the kitchen I realized that cooking for oneself isn't all that difficult. At the end of the day, you will have something to eat. Actually... I’m thinking of trade marking the very few of our recipes, I’ll call it the "Something" special. Why is it called so... Let me try and explain. Usually, the thought process of my mum at the beginning of the day would be... let me make chicken Manchurian with some Chinese noodles. So... as you can see, there is a definite idea as to what the end product is going to be. But in our case... we start off with... Ok, now what do we have? chicken to start with, pepper, masalas, salt, ok! good enough... let's prepare chicken. Now... you notice the difference? We stopped at chicken, there is nothing beyond that. Now that doesn’t sound good for a name of a dish right! So I, with a lot of respect to our cooking, suffixed the word "something" to it. So now... when we enter the kitchen and look at the ingredients, we know that we are going to prepare “chicken something”.
A good chef is one who experiments with ingredients and has a faint idea of what his dish will look and taste like. We chefs are close to that because we know for sure what our dish will look like. It will for sure be red in colour. Be it chicken or potatoes, prawns or eggs, it will always be red. I also thought of changing the names of the recipes from a suffixed "something" to a prefixed "red" but then realized that by doing this I will be limiting the very instinct of experimentation in us upcoming chefs to contribute the something series.
As to how the food tastes... not bad, not bad at all. We still have the American style, when the food turns out bland, or the Mexican style, when the dish turns out pasty, or the Chinese style, when you can get the strong taste of salt, or the Indian, when everything is just right!. But now… you know that in India we have a lot of variations right… so we tuned our dishes to those varieties too. So we have the Andhra Style, when the chilly powder is more, or the Gujju style, when the rotis go hard, or the Karnatic style when we get something like bisi bele bath, or then the mom’s own style when the proportions mixed together to give an exotic taste. But remember... the taste is always around the same scale.
I think you guys should try cooking too... it is a lot of fun!!
I don't mind sharing the recipes with you guys, after all... the readers of my blog should get some benefit out of it :)
Here it goes... You first start off with some motivation to cooking the "Something" series of dishes. How do you do that?? Simple!!! Just listen to "Mambo No. 5" by Lou Bega :) Why do you need that song?? Concentrate on the lyrics for that...

A little bit of Monica in my life
A little bit of Erica by my side
A little bit of Rita is all I need
A little bit of Tina is what I see...

So now, you guys know what I am getting at right!!. See!! I knew that y'all are a bunch of smart people...
Replace each of those names with the ingredients you see around you.
A little bit of Chicken in my life
A little bit of meat masala by my side
A little bit of salt is all I need
A little bit of pepper is what I see...

There it is. “Chicken Something” is ready to serve at the end of the song. Simple recipes to exotic dishes. :)

Ok, I know that you guys have that 'What a crappy post' kind of expression on your face... but I bet that one day when you are in the kitchen with the frying pan in front of you and the spatula in your hand... you will definitely remember this post.

Happy cooking and all the best.