The holdup

It was an early morning where the air was all misty and the sun just managed to touch the ground. The breeze was very soft, it tickled my feet, and the chill it carried crawled up to my knees and shook me awake. Everything was so beautiful, so calm, nothing could be more peaceful than what I was experiencing right then and just at that moment... "Wake up!" "Where do you think you are?" "This is no fairy tale land." Damn it! What was I thinking of, where do I think I am. Any more of this behavior and they will shoot me in the head or leave me paralyzed. Hurriedly I woke up, scrambled around for my belongings, waited to have what was being served, the only good food I would have for the day. We had our share and then in a rush were sent to the loading area. With droopy and tired eyes I could faintly see the lights come closer. Oh no! Not another day of misery, what did I do that these people are treating me this way? Oh crap... Wait... Stop shoving me in... There is hardly any place in there, I will die of suffocation or be squeezed to death. Oh just wait! Let me at least get a grip onto something. But no, these ruthless people have to have their way; we are not here for your comfort they say, and keep moving along. Oh God! Thank you for small mercies! Thank you for giving me sufficient time to take a nap, to complete my share of sleep that these people snatched away from me. It will take a while to reach the other end of hell, let me dream good thoughts till then. But then I guess my share of mercy ran out as well, the bumpy ride didn't let me rest my eyes, it threw me awake each and every time. Damn you! And damn this guy who is driving. Is he high on something? But he is not allowed to! Then why this recklessness? May be it is part of the plan to make our existence around here a pain so that we give up on our own rather than they having to bring us down. Sadists! We reached in a half dead state just to know that from now on there is no merry time for the rest of the day. We literally have to slog our asses off if we want to stay alive. But how is that possible, I was not built for this. I was a simple guy with a simple well paying job. Why did you take me into captivity? What wrong did I do? Is it my fault if everything went wrong everywhere else? Stop hounding me! They make me sign a register everyday; they check my belongings, like I have something so deadly that it is a threat to them. Don't they realize that they are the ones threatening me? Now they split us up into batches each of us tied together so that we do not run away. A dozen more people walk around just to make sure we are not lazing around. All day long we live at the tip of their gun, hoping that it doesn't have a reason to go ballistic. After a long exhausting period they place some slop on the table. Green slop, yellow slop, and some other assortment of slop. We ate the slop they served and we got back to the crap they made us do. I don't even know what I am doing or even why I am doing it. But in this place I have no say! I'm just their slave in their freaking world! I am tired you see, I have done my share of work for today, please let me go, I plead. But there isn't anyone to answer my cry. It just me and that weird looking guard who says that I haven't completed my term yet. Get back to work you worthless lump! Make yourself useful for the rest of the day. You are in captivity for as long you are with us! Don't get too smart. Oh no! What now! How can I get back to doing something when I don't really have anything to do? Real sadists these guys! But then what can I do. After all they are the ones keeping me alive. The world outside is barren and there is no hope to live. Ok boss you win. Finally my day is over, they let me out of their holding they made me a free man again of some sorts, but just till the next morning when reality strikes back again!

Just Instrumental

What's more important when it comes to listening to music? Is it the lyrics, the delivery or the instrumental? Everyone would agree that all these play an equally important role in making a song a chart buster . But then what about just instrumental? There are no words, there is no style of delivery but it still can be catchy or can elevate you into a totally different world. It is true that lyrics give depth to a song, but in a way it gives that song just that one dimension which is subject to ones interpretation. Being a regular listner of just instrumental I have begun to believe that music without lyrics is like a book which reads different every time it is read. It has it's own characters each speaking out something throughout the piece. A little wierd but yes sometimes has it's own lyrics. Well, now I don't mean that lyrics are absolutely not required, but I'm just trying to bring out the vastness of how simple tunes with no lyrics can be interpreted. I'm not sure how many of you have felt this but if you haven't or if you have really not considered tuning into instrumental then I suggest that you give it a try.

Just typing...

Well, it’s not that I have stopped blogging and not that I don’t know what to write about... but more often than not I am just bored for no reason or caught with a blank on my face! I do the things that I did these years, umm... not really, I have them all but it still feels weird with me just sitting... not knowing how days go by, and there, again stuck not knowing what to write. Just sitting, staring at some characters in black.

I think I need some quiet time.