Now when the hell did I write this! :S

I have no clue when I wrote this post, but then, there it was sitting in my archives. Anyway, read it, found it weird so what happens then... IT COMES ON TO THE BLOG :P
Blue solution in a flask, something else in a long pipe. Add a few drops of what ever is in the pipe to the flask, shake… :( nothing, add a few more…. hey! something happened, but not for long :(, who cares… add another… ah… now the colour changed. Aim achieved; smile on my face :). This is the only part of chemistry that interests me and troubles me too. Now smiles aren’t the end result of any chemistry experiment… I still cannot stand the experiment where we get the rotten egg smell as the end result.

Change. No clue what happened, but now there’s something new in front of me. What caused all this change??? The composition of the blue solution changed.

Human beings are similar to the blue solution, fiddle around and you will find them change. Change in colour is possible too… beat them up… they go black and blue, get them angry and they go red, get them to blush… uuuuh pink!! J But these changes aren’t permanent. What I am more concerned about are the changes that are more permanent or let me say long lasting.

Random thoughts

A seasoned driver.
You might have driven different vehicles with different regulations around the world. But you are not a seasoned driver if you haven't driven a car safely back home during peak hour traffic in any of the busy cities in India.

Weight donation camp.
When we can donate blood, eyes, kidney, heart and what not, why hasn't anyone thought of weight donation? Wouldn't that be like a win win situation?

A traffic junction.
Is a place where two busy roads meet.
A cop's whistle is greatly humbled by blaring horns.
A signal where red means you have three more seconds to pull off your daring stunt of crossing the junction.
The most probable place to get bad road so you will have to crawl across. This means instead of 300 vehicles that are supposed to cross a junction only 100 make it through thus adding to traffic woes.

Who is more irritating?
A person who irritates you sparingly throughout the day or someone you feel like killing inside of ten minutes.